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  1. 12-22-2016

    Your video was absolutely beautiful. Your relaxing narrative your choice of music and video selection was excellent. My wife and I traveled to Norway this past summer for the 1st time. We did Norway in a Nutshell out of Bergen followed by boarding the Norwegian cruise/workship Hurtigruten. Both grandparents were from Northern Norway…Tromso and Bodo. I am 75. I am the first family member to research and found descendants on my grandmother side. They reside in Narvik. They invited us to stay in their home and cottage. One cottage was we visited was right on the beautiful Elfjord near Ballangan. We had an awesome trip. Sailings on The Hurtigruten, National Geographic called it the most beautiful voyage. After watching your video,I would like to visit Norway
    again. Can one purchase your videos?

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