The full film of Malta!


  1. 4-9-2017

    Just if as I have been here myself 🙂 Excellent travel video.

  2. 4-23-2017

    Best Malta Video Holiday film I have seen so far.
    Great Job.
    Very entertaining and full of historical comments.
    I am from Malta living abroad and this is the best yet!

    All The Best,

    Joseph Muscat

    • 4-23-2017

      Thanks Joseph, I love Malta, I want to viasit again!

  3. 6-25-2017

    Congratulations, Paul very well done.
    Fantastic and very captivating indeed, so much so I had to see it till the end even though it was after 2 am. The 4K scrispness is great and enriching. I need to visit soon, as I miss Malta so much.

    Thanks again for sharing, this brings me great memories from my childhood days as I attended The Lyceum in the Heart of Valletta in 1967.

    There is so much history and many new discoveries are being found even today. (New catacombs were unearthed this past year while building new roads.) I’m looking forward to more 4K treasure from you. See you on the Jewel of the Mediterranean. Cheers

    Best Wishes,
    Ontario Canada

    • 9-13-2017

      Many thanks, sorry for the late reply, I want to return also!

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