Welcome to Xscion Video, uploading HD video since 1834 (1834 on the 11th May 2013 that is).

I am trying to create films that communicate ‘the moment’, personal glimpses and memories, but also the scenic beauty of places, the historic aspects, wildlife, nature, and of course interesting and amusing aspects of the place.

I love travel but am often disappointed when I watch travel films that are too busy with the presenter to let us see the place. I live in Hong Kong and have seen numerous films about it, and am tired of seeing the presenter get a 24 hour suit, eat bugs and ride a tram, but not see much or learn much of the place itself.

As a videographer I want to capture images that epitomize the places I visit, I want to share the things I loved about a place, and am convinced what many producers are producing, and what many people want to see and experience in a travel film are often not the same. My films are therefore not for bored people wanting to be entertained, they are for those with an interest in a place, and want to see it.

I am trying to develop a style that can do that and still retain the interest and attention of the viewer. There are still boring parts, but magical ones too. Working on it.

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